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Custom Gunite Pools


Adjective: resembling a palace in being spacious and splendid.
Synonyms: luxurious, deluxe, magnificent, splendid, grand, opulent, lavish, stately, regal; upscale

Our company name, Palatial Pools Inc. is synonymous with our mantra of building custom gunite “palace” like pools for homeowners that want only the best.

Palatial Pools Inc. takes great pride in creating exquisite custom gunite swimming pools.  We provide our clients with innovative design options, quality products, best construction practices and an industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY and 20-year limited warranty on coping tile and interior coating.  We also offer the latest technology, energy efficiency and environmentally conscious pools in the swimming pool industry.

At Palatial Pools, we give you the opportunity to personalize your swimming pool design with perimeter overflow, infinity edges, custom spas, unique water features, special surface finishes, custom steps, and more!

Custom Gunite Pool

Gunite pools offer the greatest design flexibility plus exceptional durability for a pool that will last a lifetime. Gunite is sprayed through a hose at high pressure onto a custom-made rebar wireframe structure. The result is a remarkably durable swimming pool that can be sized and shaped to perfectly complement your landscape. Above we have a few examples of basic pool features and elements. Below we show more complex types of custom gunite pools that we can build for you.

Gunite pools whether basic or intricate to build like the perimeter overflow pool can come with custom tile or a variety of finishes can be applied to any part of the gunite surface for unlimited design possibilities!

Infinity Edge Pool

An infinity edge pool (also named negative edge, zero edge, disappearing edge or vanishing edge pool) is a swimming or reflecting pool which produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon. An infinity edge pool virtually disappears as water cascades over the back edge. This can also be complemented with an attractive waterfall/spillover view from the back side. Infinity edge design was once considered exotic and even futuristic, infinity edge pools are now a much more common design element that still gives your pool a fresh new look.

Perimeter overflow pool

Are you looking for a “wow” factor when you entertain?
Are you looking for a relaxing and Zen environment?
Or possibly both? This might be the right pool design for you

This unique style of modern swimming pool design in which the water overflows its edges by flowing into a hidden slot or catch basin where it is then recycled back into the pool. Waterflow is designed in such a way that even though water is circulating in the pool and spa, as seen in the picture, no movement can be detected giving the pool a tranquil mirror finish.  The popularity of these types of modern pool designs has been on the rise and they are some of the most elegant and complicated pools to build.

A deck-level perimeter overflow pool which is often called “knife-edge” and “zero edge” because the slot where the water falls is almost invisible. It is also called “Lautner knife edge” or “Lautner edge” after Los Angeles architect John Lautner who first adopted the concept.

In addition to tremendous skill in developing clear and explicit custom plans, these designs require expertise in shell formation, configuring hydraulics for plumbing systems and shooting or pouring concrete, as well as, many other facets of swimming pool construction. Palatial Pools have skilled master craftsmen to build your next custom perimeter overflow pool with the precision you deserve. We are Long Island’s Premier Master Pool Designer and Builder. If you’re seeking design assistance with Perimeter overflow pools – or any other style of pool, contact us via phone. If you prefer contacting us online, you can Click here to schedule a FREE consultation now.

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