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Most pool companies maintain your chlorine levels at 3.0 ppm or higher. We believe this is not only unnecessary but harmful to you, your family and your pool. We have found that over time nature will adjust to these high levels of chlorine and develop algae and bacteria even though they were maintained at 3.0-4.0 ppm. We have found that by keeping lower levels of chlorine and shocking pools, algae and bacteria could not adjust and were consistently killed off. So, we have devised 3 different plans that allow us to maintain your pool at much lower levels than other pool companies can while keeping your pool sanitary. Each weekly service valet packages includes different chemicals to maintain your pool and keep chlorine levels as low as possible*.

The Silver Valet Service Plan includes shocking your pool weekly allowing us to safely maintain your chlorine level at between 1.25 & 1.5 ppm.

The Gold Valet Service Plan includes all the Silver Valet Service Plan plus, algaecide allowing us to safely further decrease your chlorine level to between 1.0 & 1.25 ppm.

The Platinum Valet Service Plan includes all the Silver and Gold Valet Service Plans plus, clarifiers and enzymes to breakdown and remove Bio-wastes allowing us to safely lower your chlorine level to between .75 & 1.0 ppm by reducing organic matter in your pool water. Not only is this good for you but it is good for your filter cartridges and increases water sparkle at the same time.

A further benefit of reducing your chlorine level besides the obvious health benefits of maintaining low chlorine levels is that your equipment and/or chlorine generator, if you have one, will run for shorter periods of time reducing the pH swing (electrolysis raises pH dramatically requiring an acid to lower) and increasing the life expectancy of your generator and other equipment if your pH gets out of wack.

Our Weekly Valet technicians are fully trained and our trucks are fully stocked for maintaining your equipment and with your permission will perform repairs while at your house doing Valet service at a reduced rate from a regular service call whenever possible.

*All above plan chlorine levels are based on having properly designed and functioning filter systems.

Please give us a call or use our Contact page so we can give you a plan tailored to suit your needs.