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Pool Services

Weekly Maintenance

WEEKLY VALET SERVICE INCLUDES: Vacuuming, brushing, cleaning the skimmer/pump baskets, shocking pool water, chlorine tablets, salt and balance pH. Once a month a water sample will be tested and water will be balanced for calcium hardness, alkalinity and stabilizer. See Maintenance page for more details.

CHEM ONLY SERVICE INCLUDES: The above EXCEPT vacuuming/brushing and basket cleaning.

Winter Pool Service

We offer winter service calls starting one month after winterizing to keep the water at a low level. We also check the equipment, pool cover and add chemicals to the pool to prevent algae growth. Palatial Pools Inc. will not warranty against winter damage but we can try and prevent it.

Pump/Clean/Power Wash

Includes: Draining of the entire pool. Remove any debris, and power wash the walls and floor. A full day is required. This service is necessary if your pool is stained or if the water is extremely murky at opening. This service is typically not needed if Palatial Pools has been maintaining your pool.

Diamond Polishing

This service should be done every 3-5 years.  When the surface of the pool becomes rough organic matter and algae can collect creating a condition that can deteriorate the pool surface by digging roots into the surface of your pool. Polishing the roughness out helps extend the life of your pools interior surface and helps prevent problems. This treatment is NOT made to replace new marble dust if needed. Full day minimum required and must be done before APRIL 15th or after JUNE 15th. This service requires Pumping and cleaning.

Power Vacuum/Leaf Rake

Charged hourly. A power vacuum is a vacuum done with our equipment and all debris is vacuumed to waste. This service is usually performed in the beginning of the year if there are large amounts of debris in the pool.

Cover Pump

Many municipalities DO NOT allow pool water pumping to the street when lowering pool water for winterizing, pumping and cleaning or polishing. If you do not have anywhere to pump on your property (i.e.: woods, dry well, permit for street) you must purchase a cover pump, extension cord and hose. Once you have the Cover Pump Package, it can be used every year and for winter service calls. Please check with your town to see if this pertains to you.


Replacing used ineffective cartridges greatly reduces chemical consumption and increased energy costs by shortening the length of time needed to run the filter. We recommend yearly replacement of cartridges.

Rinse Filter Cartridges (midseason)

Rinse the cartridges in ALL filters to ensure proper filtering and reduce use of electricity.

Zinc Anode (Annually)

Whenever you have different metals (copper, brass, stainless steel, etc.) in a saltwater pool you create an ion transfer. The electrons that make up the ion current are supplied by one of the metals, by giving up bits of itself in the form of metal ions to the pool water. This is called galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion causes plaster discoloration and metal erosion (blueish stains if copper).

The best way to inhibit the effect of galvanic corrosion is to use a sacrificial zinc anode. Zinc is a metal that gives up its metal ions faster than other metals in the pool. In other words, the zinc anode will erode instead of other metals (pool light, rails, heater, light niche, ladder, etc.). The zinc ions will not discolor the pool plaster. The sacrificial zinc anode should be replaced after half of it has been eroded. The sacrificial zinc anode is attached to the to the plumbing and a bonding wire, thereby providing protection to all metal parts (heaters, lights, rails, etc.) from galvanic corrosion. Zinc anodes need to be replaced approximately every season. Every saltwater pool should have a sacrificial anode installed.

Heater Tune-Up (Annually)

All warranties on pool heaters are null and void unless they have had an annual tune-up.

Hi-E Heaters require a more extensive tune-up and parts. Additional $75.00 labor plus air filter and limestone gravel kit will be added to the cost of the standard tune-up.

Salt Cell Maintenance (Midseason)

Disassemble, inspect, clean and re-assemble salt cell on salt system. You should have your salt cell cleaned at least once a season. Calcium buildup will occur naturally on the titanium cathode plates inside the cell.

Regular maintenance of the cell is necessary. Failure to do so will reduce the effectiveness of the cell which will reduce the amount of chlorine it is producing and increase the amount of electricity needed to sanitize the pool.

Starting the season with a clean salt cell ensures your starting the season with 100% effectiveness.